About Us

Do you struggle to find "real food" to feed your family?  Food that hasn't spent

days in a truck traveling thousands of miles to finally reach your local grocery store shelf...or food that comes from animals that haven't been raised with hormones, antibiotics and junk food!?!

We understand your dilemma!!

Both native Montanans who grew up around agriculture, we became concerned about the quality of food we were feeding our children. Since we had experience raising animals, we decided to raise our own pork, beef, chickens and eggs so we could "know for sure" what our food had been fed! As we ate higher quality meat, eggs and dairy and consumed less processed food, our family's health improved.  

We love being confident that the food on our table is

"real", high quality and


And we would love to share our food with you! Take a look around our website and get to know us.  Contact us with any questions you have.  We look forward to hearing from you!